Immersive Technologies

I worked on the award winning HTC Vive as a Senior Prototype Developer. I helped create dozens of experiences to test, validate, and inspire people to embrace and experience what VR is about. I worked across the pacific ocean from Seattle to San Francisco to Taiwan in order to get the HTC Vive from a idea to product.

After leaving HTC I co-founded Doghead Simulations as the CTO and created rumii, a virtual reality collaboration and conferencing software. We shipped across PC VR, Mobile VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Mobile and Desktop using Unity. 

Currently I am working as a Immersive Experiences Developer at Valorem Reply creating custom Unity experiences for Hololens 1 and 2.

HTC Vive Prototyper

Developed VR prototypes for the HTC Vive during the whole development process and beyond. The goal was to gather feedback, champion VR as a technology and prove that VR was a technology that was ready for commercial and personal use

Developed Digital Twin Demo for Microsoft MTCs

Developed a Digital Twin Experience that showcases how IOT and AR can work together on the field

VivePort and Vive Home

Developed early stages of VivePort and ViveHome for the HTC Vive

Developed a 3D Guided Procedure for Frontline workers

Developed a Digital first guide that helped augment employee skills through interactive step by step guides


Created rumii; a VR conferencing and collaboration software for mobile, desktop and VR